Chat mod application - 678XX

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Chat mod application - 678XX

Post by AnnasJiyu » Thu Jan 14, 2021 2:37 am

Hello java survival staff and admins!

I think I would be a good chat moderator because i’m familiar with the players that are online a lot and how the server works. I’m not afraid to warn/kick others if they’re making people feel uncomfortable or if they are flat-out breaking rules. I will try my best to help resolve problems or drama that’s going on and even if i’m not on the server, i look at the discord game chat. I myself don’t start drama or stick around those who cause trouble. Of course i’ll help them if they need it but i don’t want to get dragged into anything that they’re part of (ex. them asking me to take a side and help troll them). My first language is english and i think my grammar is good so people should be able to understand me just fine. I have been on discord for 3 years and i am comfortable with going on vc and talking if needed.

I usually do my work around 11am-1pm EST and then go onto the server on and off throughout times 2-9pm EST just about daily. Sometimes if I don’t have work I will join earlier and If anything changes i would make sure to update you.

I hope i’m not applying when you’re not in
need of chat mods right now.
~Anna (678XX)
Yours truly, rat mod

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Re: Chat mod application - 678XX

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