Chat Mod Application!

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Chat Mod Application!

Post by Tokonutts » Wed Aug 12, 2020 4:35 pm


After a period of time in the server, I fell in love with the community and decided I wanted to reinforce it. Hence, I am applying to become a chat moderator.

I'm confident that I would be a good chat moderator because of my ability to tackle issues with a wide perspective, gained from a history of supervising community interaction in other games and social chat groups. I try my best to defuse conflict within the server, and enjoy seeing new players getting familiar with the community and settling in. I make an effort to ensure that new players share the same experience I had when I was new, and have an awesome time.
I love setting up mini-events that attract players and get people together, such as my numerous joke builds that I hope get a chuckle out of people. (The fight club, the restaurant, cafe etc.), or my peculiar antics such as creating armour named by mods.
Whilst maintaining a level of discernment, I like to have fun with players and ensure that everyone is content.

My timezone is BST, and i'm very active (between the times of 11AM - 11PM if I have nothing to attend to). My activity may fluctuate due to college coming up soon, but playing on the server has become an enjoyable hobby for me so I'm very confident that I would be able to preserve a good amount of activity.
I would be honoured to enforce the rules and do what I enjoy - ensuring everyone is having a good time. (I have no issue with using discord)