Chat Moderator Application

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Chat Moderator Application

Post by NSM1 » Tue Jun 02, 2020 3:00 am

Hi, this is NSM (right now known as NSM_PrisonNick), and I am applying for chatmod because I know I can regulate the chat, and make sure people understand and respect the rules surrounding the chat. I will make sure people follow the rules of chat, and keep things going smoothly without offending or enraging those who don't think they are doing anything wrong. I believe I fully understand the rules of the server, and I have called javasurvival my minecraft home for nearly 3 months now. Thanks for the great opportunity to play on this server!


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Re: Chat Moderator Application

Post by _NickV » Tue Jun 02, 2020 6:17 pm

Thanks for showing interest in staff, we're no longer in need of more staff at this time.