Chat Mod Application Pluto

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Chat Mod Application Pluto

Post by Pluto_405 » Wed May 27, 2020 8:23 pm

Why would you be a good chat mod?

- When joining the server will announce I am 'gamer girl' so all simps donate to the server
- cool base
- edge lord
- not a simp
- British
- can read
- I know how to type
- can type lil bit fast
seriously tho:
- too much of a pussy to abuse commands
- love the server so I want to do a good job, I can't donate right now so I wanna give back to the community, I've loved playing on the server and I wanna help out.
- basically always online

- social anxiety
- will feel bad if I have to kick someone

What time of the day are you active?
Usually all-day + night British time unless I'm seeing my gf or helping my parents.

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Re: Chat Mod Application Pluto

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